Category: Energy

Techos Solares Medellin

This is another project proposal for Medellin, where I live. It is a project I am going to pitch for the new mayor here. The idea for this one is to use roofs of poor neighborhood houses to install solar panels. Clean electricity generation will be very important for the future, and the tropics are […]

Energy backed crypto-currencies

This post serves as documentation of an email exchange I initiated about setting up crypto-currencies based on (renewable, benign) energy created. It is very dense with information but it’s a great resource for sharing. Invitation open to participate in the conversation and/or extend/work on these ideas. I formatted my initial proposal in bold, and decided […]

Interchangeable energy backed currencies?

I have been thinking a lot lately about why most complementary currency schemes do not work very well. I think I have some ideas. Most projects start off with lots of inspiration, commitment and excitement. There are often some very charismatic project leaders and lots of volunteer efforts and loads of idealism. The community gets […]

Installing renewables on people’s homes

OK, this is not a claim to have a solution. This is actually a question and call for conversation for people who know better. Energy companies are not really interested in distributed renewable energy – even if this might solve many of our problems related to energy and pollution. The main reason is, they loose […]